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Оваа вечер го имаме за гостин Битолчанецот (од Демир_Хисар) Јане Здравевски а.к.а. Умрен кој себеси се гледа вака:


I am Umren ... people from this planet know me also as Jane Zdravevski.

I do farm a lot, and I do a lot of challenges, for some people might seem that I am not a human being.. but I swear, I am not a bot.

I can answer all the "Verify that you are human" riddles across the Internet, which is obvious proof of my claim.

I am having a head that is shaped like a person who wears a hat... it might seem funny, or sad... but it's a fact. It's something that I am born with, and I can only remove it by performing a highly complicated meditation ritual, that requires years to master.

I play games too. World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 1 & 2, and I play other things too.

I play sometimes when I am in the bath tub, in the bed, outside, or other physical locations on this planet.

I like to train too...

I do Fitness challenges too. No bullshit.

GG Сезона 1, 17 Мај 2015

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